Automatic Labeling Machines

Etichettatrice automatica

DMC makes automatic labeling machines for the application of roll-fed labels. The machine can simultaneously apply one or two labels to bottles of various sizes (round, square or oval, as required). Ergonomic and compact in size, the labeling machines are equipped with a color touch screen control panel and can be customized according to the Customer’s requirements. Loading/unloading of products onto the conveyor belt can be done manually, by loading plate or from the production line.


Automatic labeling machine for round format

  • Speed: 25-50 pcs/min
  • Bottle diameter: 25-120 mm
  • Label length: 20-290 mm
  • Label height: 20-130 mm
  • Number of labels: 1 or 2 on round format

Multi-format automatic labeling machine

  • Speed: 40-50 pcs/min
  • Bottle diameter: 60-280 mm
  • Label length: 20-300 mm
  • Label height: 20-170 mm
  • Number of labels: 1 or 2 on round, square or oval format
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