Automatic Filling Production Line

DMC manufactures automatic or semi-automatic filling lines. Our lines consist of independent modules on wheels: feeding table, filling machine, universal capping machine, labeling machine, printer, and finished product collection table.

TECHNICAL FEATURES Automatic Filling Machine

  • Machine equipped with automatic hopper loading system equipped with minimum and maximum level with transfer pump
  • Equipped with bottle inlet and outlet sensors
  • Loading arm movements management with brushless motors
  • Management of differentiated filling capacity for each nozzle
  • Management of nozzle immersion time inside the bottle
  • Filling speed adjustment according to the product
  • Working height adjustment inside the bottle
  • Customizable filling range
  • Customizable speed (1 to 12 filling heads)
  • On request, heated filling system and hopper and/or with mixer
  • On request, possibility to adapt the machine to Industry 4.0
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